Friday, May 18, 2007

2006 August | Paste

The Eraser, however, is not the same old shit, by any means. In a very true way, it's an album of love songs. but before you think Yorke has gone completely soft, by clarification, the "love" here is the whole package, complete with mean streaks and caustic wit, not merely the trite, romantic-idealist definition. "Who would want to listen to that crap?" Yorke says. "it's not real; love isn't like that. Well, it isn't for me--maybe that's why I don't get any action", he laughs.
For Yorke, a true love song speaks to the realities of love--the egotistically sadistic side, the analytical side, the physical depravation side, all of it, not some 'here are your roses, I love you darling' Lionel Ritchie sendup.
"Happily ever after... not!"
The Eraser's title track is the most pointed. The first lines you hear on the album are, "please excuse me, but I got to ask, are you only being nice because you want something?/my fairytale Arab princess be careful how you respond/you might end up in this song".
When asked to comment on the lyrics of "The Eraser" there's a long pause before he simply answers, "I can't".

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