Friday, May 18, 2007

2006 August | Paste

My favourite was "And It Rained All Night", just because i'd never written a lyric like that before. it was basically a cut-and-paste of something I'd written, where i had my lounge just covered in bits of paper, and one was four pages long, which I cut down and cut down--all the way through thinking "this is never going to work". Then we actually ended up recording it on a full moon through the night, because I have one of those big, fat telescopes my partner bought me, and since Nigel is the only one who knows how to use it, when he comes to my house it's like 'come on, set it up for me'. So I'd go up to the roof and look at the moon and then run back downstairs and quickly write away. back and forth, it was really good, actually; it surprised me to write that lyric. and it really surprised me that I got Nigel's voice in the headphones at the end going, 'yeah, that's good', because all the way through I was thinking 'this is so wack, it's never going to work'.

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